Chateau Foret Homeowners Association

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Chateau Foret Cleaning/Maintenance schedule


Daily Duties

Clean out dumpster wells

Keep common areas free of all debris

Seasonal pool maintenance, Daily checks

Snow removal                                             

Ice melt replenish and spread, as needed 


Twice a month

Check light bulbs on property                 

“Flat roof” buildings vacuum stairwells                     

Clean sweep and mop laundry rooms

Clean banisters and handrails


Once a month

Ceiling tile replacement, as needed                                 

Oil gate hinges

Maintaining roof hatches

Maintaining roofs in general

Inspection of furnace rooms                    



Power wash dumpster areas

Painting curbs

Paint interior stairwells, as needed                                  

Clean gutters

Clean carpets in “Flat roof stairwells”

Power wash stairs in “Red Roof buildings”

Clean light fixtures, as needed.